Legends in Concerts set to resume performances soon!

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the health, welfare, and safety of our employees and guests from around the world has always been, and will continue to be, our top priority. As we prepare for the future, our goal is reopening our business in a manner that puts health and safety at the center of our operations. Here are some details of the procedures we have in place.


Mandatory Face Coverings: Legends in Concert is requiring that all employees not performing on stage, wear physical respiratory protection such as a cloth face covering whenever people are within six feet (two meters) of each other.

Social Distancing: Public health guidance stresses that whenever possible, everyone should leave at least six feet (two meters) to the person closest to them. We will have all areas from box office, restrooms, concessions, to the auditorium entrance managed using methods such as lines marked on the ground, ropes and stanchions, in combination with workers who provide information about anticipated wait time and ingress and egress procedure.

Restroom Hygiene: A frequent sanitizing schedule and log will be executed in restrooms including:

•   Door handles and push plates

•   Sink faucets and counters, and toilet handles

•   Lids of containers for disposal of women’s sanitary products

•   Soap dispensers and towel dispenser handles

•   Baby changing stations

•   Trash receptacle touch points

Pre-packaged Snacks: Concession items will be provided in single packaging:

•   Workers will place requested items on the counter for patrons in order to reduce touching of food or packaging

•   Patrons provided prewrapped cutlery, straws, and stirrers, or they can take what they need from individual item dispensers

•   Condiments served with food orders or only at patrons’ request, in disposable single-use packages or containers that can be sanitized after each use.

•   Open condiment service stations closed.

•   Social distancing will be maintained.

Staggered Seating: The recommended spacing of six feet between parties/groups traveling together, and seating guests every other row in the auditorium will be instituted to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Frequent Cleaning: Anytime guests are in our theaters, surfaces and objects that are touched frequently will be continuously cleaned and disinfected throughout each performance.


Sanitizing Stations: Stations with sanitizer containing at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol provided at all points of ingress and other well-marked and illuminated locations throughout the venue.

Ready For Safe Fun: We look forward to welcoming you back into a safe environment where you can feel comfortable and enjoy a wonderful evening of entertainment.