Michael Jackson

Performed by:Brandon Jones


Michael Jackson

Performed by: Brandon Jones


Brandon Jones as Michael Jackson Brandon Jones is a Chicago native who has shown a natural talent for performing as the King of Pop – Michael Jackson. As he has matured so has his talent and desire to succeed. Through his hard work, creativity and determination he is on the path to making his name widely known.

He has performed throughout Chicagoland, portraying Michael Jackson from the young age of 6. Since December of 2012 Brandon has starred in the award winning, international touring show, Moonwalker, the Reflection of Michael. Also, he has performed with the nationally acclaimed show, Legends in Concert as Michael Jackson since 2014.

He has demonstrated a determination and passion by perfecting the Michael Jackson dance and voice as well as writing his own music and choreographing his own shows. His performances are inspiring and uplifting. He brings sophistication and discipline to the table, proving that he is wise beyond his years.