Garth Brooks

Performed by:Clint Nievar


Garth Brooks

Performed by: Clint Nievar


Born and raised in the great state of Oklahoma, Clint Nievar could not be more honored and humbled to step into the boots of his fellow “Okie”, the Legendary Garth Brooks.

Clint grew up listening to Garth from a young age along with many of the same musical influences shared by Brooks himself. This gives him a special insight into what makes the man’s music and performance so special.

Along with his love for Garth Brooks, Clint is a professionally trained singer, dancer, actor, and musician. A real quadruple threat. Clint has won national singing routines and choreographed several tap dance routines that have won national championships. He has even written comedy for a world- renowned comedian!

Nievar brings over 20 years of experience to the table, meticulously studying and honing his craft to bring Garth Brooks to life before your very eyes. Clint Nievar will blow you away with the same energy and charisma as the real thing!