Blues Brothers™

Performed by:Dan Meisner & Kenny Barret

Blues Brothers™

Performed by: Dan Meisner & Kenny Barret


Dan Meisner as Jake Blues of the Blues Brothers™

Since 1996, Dan Meisner (from Kingston, NY) has been entertaining thousands of happy Legends in Concert guests in Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach and Atlantic City.

While attending Emerson College in Boston, Dan began performing in their Comedy Workshop. He spent some time with Chicago’s Second City and in 1990 moved to Orlando FL to open Universal Studios. While in Orlando Dan was fortunate enough to perform for the original Elwood Blues, Dan Aykroyd and John’s brother Jim Belushi. Performing for the originals and their relatives was the highlight of my career. It’s the toughest audience in the world because they have only the originals to compare you to. Fortunately both Aykroyd and Belushi really enjoyed the show and signed our Bluesmobile, the highest honor they could bestow upon us.

“The Blues Brothers™ is a registered trademark owned by “Dan Aykroyd and Judy Belushi.”

Kenny Barret as Elwood of the Blues Brothers™

Born and raised in Chicago’s South Side, Kenny’s childhood was always filled with music. Early in life he was enamored with Elvis, Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra. As soon as he could walk on his own, he began studying their moves and started to mimic their vocal stylings which eventually led to impersonation gigs at local talent shows. Throughout his early adult life Kenny was the lead singer in several bands which showcased his vocal range. He’s capable of singing anything from blues, standards, to rock and roll. In 1988 Kenny ventured to Hollywood, CA, where he began to work professionally as a stunt man and actor. Some of his favorite credited roles include: Sidekicks, which starred Chuck Norris and For The Boys, which starred Bette Midler. Although Kenny was very happy as a working performer in the film industry, he still missed performing and singing live on stage. Soon, Kenny was introduced to Legends In Concert, where he breathed life into one of his favorite Chicago heroes, Elwood Blues. He was quickly signed to perform in their venues on cruise ships and in various venues throughout the world.

In 1996 Kenny moved east to Myrtle Beach, where he began his incredible residency (1996-2010) where he entertained thousands of repeat guests at Legend’s former Surfside Beach location. Today he’s very excited to be back on stage with one of his former partners, Dan Meisner. This marks the reunion of this team for the first time since 2000 and not much has changed, because the pairing of comedy and blues music never gets old.