Freddie Mercury

Performed by:Fernando Castro

Freddie Mercury

Performed by: Fernando Castro


Fernando Castro is the first ever Freddie Mercury tribute artist to headline on the Las Vegas Strip.

Widely regarded and acclaimed as the only tribute act with the gift of Freddie’s Voice, Mr. Castro embraces this blessing as a responsibility; to preserve his legacy and keep his spirit & music alive.

Born in the tropical city of Miami, Florida, he acquired a distinct musical flavor from the diverse cultural melting pot of its inhabitants. At the age of 11, Fernando’s mother introduced him to the legendary musical compositions of Queen. The sheer magnetism of Freddie Mercury’s voice transcended the space time continuum and vibrantly resonated within his young soul. His deep connection to Mercury had the fires within beckoning and thus he proclaimed to vigorously reignite the spark of divine flames of Mr. Fahrenheit himself!

Fernando Castro’s Credits/Accolades that led him to Legends in Concert include but are not limited to:

-Studied music, voice, and theory privately at University of Miami and in class at MDC and Florida International University

-Toured across the country with Roxy Theatre Group

-Won the prestigious Battle of the Bands in Miami and raised over $2000 for charity during the show

-Primary featured act at The Cabaret South Beach (known as the best live music venue in South Florida)

-Headlined as the first Freddie Mercury/Queen tribute in South Beach at Copa Room and at the Luxor and Palms Resort in Las Vegas

-Recorded a feature length rock/metal album

Witnessing Fernando perform the Queen catalogue as Freddie Mercury is the absolute closest experience you can get to the real thing! It is no surprise as he spent countless hours comprehensively studying the intricacies of Freddie’s full being, from the complexities of his unique vocal tone and extensive range, to the subtleties of his stage performance and facial expressions. Its almost as if Fernando lucidly summons Freddie from the Great Beyond! He continues to study and treat this incredible honor with love and respect.

You will become reacquainted and re-enamored with Queen as you connect during the show…

He is the Executor of an Arsenal of Audible Excellence.

He is the Re-illustration of an Exact Mercurial Replication.

He is Glory Personified in a Revelation of Royal Majestic Magnificence.

He Will Rock You with Ultimate Command and Stage Domination.

He is the Archangel of Song & Decadent Navigator of your Exquisite Musical Palette

He is a Legend in Concert!

Baffling even the most critical skeptics, they watch in bewildered amazement asking, “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” Now, over 90 million clamoring, die hard fans worldwide have the opportunity to become a part of this (global) phenomenon.

Legends in Concert has resurrected Freddie Mercury through Fernando Castro!

The lights are dim, your pulse is rising, your heart explodes with excitement, the audience surrounding you is electrifying, the anticipation makes the crowd scream uncontrollably… The opening Queen song begins…Are you truly prepared for this exceptional encore?!