Stevie Wonder

Performed by:Tino Ibach


Stevie Wonder

Performed by: Tino Ibach


Born and raised in the 50th state, Tino Ibach is a culturally diverse and multi-lingual entertainer from Hawaii. A University of Hawaii graduate, and linguistics study, Tino learned early on in his career that he could separate himself from other vocalists and musicians by honing in on the exact sounds of current singers and duplicating them with clever accuracy.

Before becoming the infamous “Hawaiian Wonder,” Tino was already a polished showroom entertainer having played with Hawaii’s long time premiere showband “The Krush.” Many will remember the infamous run of “Don Ho and The Krush” at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for years back in the 70’s and 80’s. Both The Krush and Don Ho were staples in the music industry and commanded sold out performances in Waikiki each night. Tino joined the band in the late 90’s and elevated the group from a showroom act, to a live concert powerhouse, covering the likes of Earth Wind and Fire, Santana, The Doobie Brothers, and many more, all with live instrumentation, at the posh Sheraton Waikiki.

With top notch veteran musicians behind him, Tino continued to rise in popularity in the islands and eventually transitioned to forming his own concert band titled “Tino and the Rhythm Klub.” With both entities, Tino enjoyed 12 exciting years as the face of the “Esprit Nightclub” in the heart of Waikiki at the Sheraton property, a run that still today, has never been broken.

Enjoying the opportunity to open for A-List acts in the islands (Kool and the Gang, Michelle Branch, Louis Anderson, and Brian McKnight amongst many others), Tino quickly established himself as the “go to” entertainer for high energy performances and spot on cover vocals that mimicked original artist’s likenesses so well, he was often accused of lip syncing.

This ability to accurately cover such a wide range of artists, led him to audition for a TV show called “Your Big Break,” hosted by The Fresh Prince of Bel Air star, Alphonso Ribiero, aka “Carlton.” It was on Your Big Break that Tino first debuted his Stevie Wonder persona… and smashed it!

With the notoriety and success he earned from the show, Tino turned his attention to honing in on Stevie’s look and sound and decided he was going to be the BEST “Stevie” out there.

Now, Tino headlines as Stevie Wonder here at Legends In Concert and travels the world. His amazing Stevie Wonder likeness has garnished him several media tags as “The World’s Best Stevie Wonder impersonator.”

With several albums under his belt and a slew of original recordings, you can find his recorded music online and in most music stores. His role as the “Hawaiian Wonder” however, has Tino taking center stage as a high value act and truly one of the world’s greatest tribute artists. If he is at one of the Legends venues near you, do NOT miss out on a chance to see him. With authentic garments imported from Africa, undeniably spot-on vocals, and a heart filled with the “Aloha Spirit,” he’s the real deal.