Adam Levine
Performed By: Chuck Rite

Chuck was born and raised in San Diego, California where he started is love of music, art and acrobatics. After joining a gospel choir Chuck discovered he had gift and he honed and developed his voice and songwriting skills.

He began singing around town and people started recognizing him while he was out in public. When they approached him they would always start by saying “Hey you’re that singer, Chuck, right?” That is how he got his stage name. Not to mention that it’s a lot easier to pronounce then his real last name, Leiendecker.

In 2007 Chuck was accepted into the Keyboard Associates Program at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California where he studied keyboard techniques, music theory and music production. After college, Chuck realized a five year goal of living in Australia! He traveled up and down the east coast of Australia checking off the goals on his “bucket list” and he settled in Sydney where he joined a band and continued to create music.

After returning to the states, Chuck prayed for a way to make his music more accessible to the public. He borrowed a guitar and practiced day and night, using his music theory training to teach himself how to play. About a year later he moved to Las Vegas where he was discovered while playing his guitar (Jimmy) and singing on the Las Vegas Strip.

A few months later Chuck was performing six nights a week in the Flamingo Showroom, singing live as an Adam Levine tribute artist in Legends in Concert.

When that contract ended another adventure beckoned and Chuck packed up his things and drove to Seattle, Washington. After playing a few open mic nights he organized a band, Capitol Soul. They sang at a jazz jamm and the owner approached him and offered the band a regular Wednesday night gig. Seattle was a great city but Chuck is solar-powered so he set off on a new adventure. Road tripping to Austin, Texas. Small but beautiful, Chuck enjoyed the incredible live music events that Austin is world famous for.

A few months later Chuck moved back home to San Diego to reconnect with his family and six months after that made his way to New York City where he currently resides.

Writing, playing and singing…the goal of being a working professional musician continues.