Aretha Franklin
Performed By: Cynthia Minx

Cynthia Minx, better known as Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin to our Legends in Concert audiences, wields a magical combination of vocal talent and onstage presence. Having worked as a tribute artist since the late 90s, Cynthia has taken her act around the world, but always remains true to her hometown fans here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her first on stage impersonation was at age 8. Cynthia learned early in life that her passion would be realized in front of a crowd. In her own words, she describes her goal in life: “To give my performance to the audience week after week, in order to continue the feeling of constant creation as a musical artist.”

Earning a scholarship to study theatrics and performing arts at the University of Reno, Nevada, Cynthia has had an outstanding career, filled with musical accolades. You may find Cynthia, not only being Whitney Houston at Legends in Concert, but singing the national anthem for national boxing matches, featuring in major production shows on the strip, performing for the MGM Grand High Rollers, New Year’s Eve Celebration, recording her own original singles, or winning the sweepstakes award for the contemporary pop category at the Nevada Jazz Music festival. We are lucky to have her high caliber talent here at Legends in Concert, dressing to impress and singing her best.