Aretha Franklin
Performed By: Nedgra Culp

Some people are just born to sing. She was. Some people have a natural ability to turn a song into a life-changing event. She has. Some people light up the stage when they enter. She does. Her name is Nedgra Culp.

Born in Springfield, Missouri, Nedgra is the last of six children. As a child, Nedgra realized that she had been blessed with extraordinary talent and began gaining valuable experience through school talent competition where she consistently rated #1. After being awarded a scholarship in music performance, Nedgra attended Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. Following her studies, she received a call from “Mr. Las Vegas” himself, Wayne Newton! For several years following, she appeared as a background vocalist and featured soloist on the Wayne Newton Show. Subsequently, Nedgra has worked with many legendary performers such as Tony Orlando, Mel Tillis, Lola Falana, John Davidson, Andy Williams, Dorothy Moore and the Tokens. Nedgra has also starred in many shows in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, Branson, Missouri including “The VanBurch and Wellford Show”, “50’s At The Hop”, and her personal favorite, “Breakfast With The Classics”. In 1997, 1998 and 1998 Nedgra was awarded Female Vocalist of the Year and in 2000 she was awarded Duo of the Year along with Bill Brooks. In that same year she was inducted into the BRANSON MUSICIAN AND ENTERTAINERS HALL OF FAME. Nedgra has had the pleasure of appearing in the US tour of “I Can’t Stop Loving You – The Music of Ray Charles”.

Recently, Nedgra turned her sights on the movie industry as she debuted in an independent movie called “The Forecaster”. She is currently collaborating with Bucky Heard on an animated production for children and playing one of her dream in Hairspray as Motormouth Maybelle.

Born to sing and destined to impact lives. She brings joy to everyone who hears her.