Performed By: Annika Starander Weaver

Annika Starander Weaver brings with her a long history of performing every time she hits the stage. Hailing from a musical family in Sweden, Annika grew up performing in her hometown.

First, Annika completed John Kincade’s “Stage School” in Sweden; then, she made her way into the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA. Following her training, she learned her way around the stage working in major production shows in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Florida, Bahamas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Reno, Thailand and Singapore.

Annika is a versatile artist having headlined in a variety of different styles of shows, such as Pop, Rock, Burlesque and Country. It was because of her close resemblance to world-renowned superstar, American icon and living legend Cher, Annika developed and perfected her Cher Tribute act and truly loves performing on stage every night to make people smile!