Performed By: Kelly Smith

Kelly V. Smith knew she wanted to be a performer at a very early age. When she was eight she began singing and performing for anyone who would listen. It was at this time that she chose “Cher” as her idol. She watched the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour every week and listened to their recordings trying to emulate the “Legends.”

Later Kelly started playing the piano and writing her own material. She began performing in talent shows locally. She joined a couple of bands and played for parties, clubs, etc. She then went to Branson to perform in a variety show for eight years that ran six nights a week.

In 1998 she heard an advertisement on a local radio station for an open casting call for a TV program about the Life of Sonny & Cher. She flew to Chicago to audition for the part. Finally she was chosen out of some 1500 women to sing the voice of Cher for the television movie “And The Beat Goes On.”

Kelly was then contacted by Legends in Concert to audition for the part of Cher on their stage. “It’s wonderful to get paid for something that you love to do