Christina Aguilera
Performed By: Christina Shaw

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Christina Shaw’s life as a child was filled with music. Her father, Bill, was a disk jockey, and her mother, Marisa, had her own local entertainment company . Beginning at a young age, Christina produced her own backyard variety-style shows for the neighborhood kids. She has appeared in local community theater, has won pageant titles, and has also modeled. Her love for music grew, as did her desire to perform. In 2000, Christina became a professional performer/singer. Since then, Christina has been a professional impersonator and look-alike and has performed in many venues across the United States and the Caribbean. She also appeared as Christina Aguilera on MTV, music videos, and also performed on national television in a celebrity impersonator contest.

Hear her commanding voice and watch her perfectly rehearsed dance steps; her star quality comes from a natural gift for singing and dance, combined with training and a sincere dedication to her craft. Christina was honored to have been chosen for “Legends in Concert” to portray the multi-Grammy award winning Christina Aguilera. Working as an impersonator has given Christina many opportunities to live out her dreams of singing and dancing. She is very happy doing what she loves best: entertaining!