Dolly Parton
Performed By: Sandy Anderson

Most People do a double take when they first see Sandy Anderson recreate Dolly Parton in the award-winning live tribute show Legends In Concert. “Oddly enough, people are always telling me I look like Barbara Mandrell when I’m not dressed like Dolly Parton,” says Sandy. “My natural voice is lower than Dolly’s and I really had to work to stretch my range for this tribute. But, it made my voice stronger.”

Sandy has the same short bouncy demeanor as Dolly. Her resemblance to the Country star is uncanny as she delivers that famous giggle in songs like “Here You Come Again” and “9 to 5”. Audiences adore Sandy and her renditions of hits such as “Country Place,” “Coat of Many Colors” and “Love Is Strange.”

Sandy, who once worked for Disney, majored in journalism in College. Friends encouraged her to enter a lip synching contest since she looked like Barbara Mandrell, and she came in second place. The event encouraged her to develop her Dolly voice and take on the dimpled singer’s looks for conventions and special events. “I even went to Service Stations singing “Happy Birthday” as Dolly, she admits.

Sandy parlayed her live impersonation into a career when she joined Legends In Concert. where she continues to wow crowds with her adorable tribute to Dolly.