Elton John
Performed By: Mitch Adams

Mitch Adams is our highly talented Elton John tribute artist, but if we didn’t tell you that it wasn’t actually Elton John, you’d never know. With spot-on costumes, and amazing renditions of Elton’s songs, every one of Mitch’s performances leaves audiences in awe.

Starting at age three, Mitch grew up singing in a family of performers. By the time he was six he had performed his first piano recital with original composition. Learning the ropes both onstage and offstage, he truly is at home in front of an audience. He received twelve years of formal piano training, and played trombone throughout high school and college.

Paying tribute to Elton John and realizing his strong resemblance to the famous English rocker never occurred to him during the ten years he spent playing the piano for his own band. After starting to hear that he looked like Elton, the transition to professional tribute artist came naturally. Now, he has over two decades of tribute artistry under his belt. Drawing inspiration from the classical greats, like Beethoven and Bach, as well as the rock and roll stars of the 60s and 70s, Mitch is highly versatile in his range of performances. His act has taken him to Russia, Austria, the Bahamas, Germany, France, Spain, and many other places across the world, and we’re happy to have him here at Legends in Concert.