Faith Hill
Performed By: Annika Starander Weaver

Annika Starander Weaver, known to the Legends audience as Faith Hill, brings with her a long history of performing every time she hits the stage. Hailing from a musical family in Sweden, Annika grew up performing on a ferry between Sweden and Denmark with her brother. Taking inspiration from her family stage partner, as well as from her favorite band ABBA, Annika continued to earn her musical stripes through years of training.

First, Annika completed John Kincade’s “Stage School” in Sweden; then, she made her way into the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA. Following her training, she learned her way around the stage working in showrooms in Florida, the Bahamas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Reno, Thailand and Singapore.

After one Legends scout saw Annika perform a duet with a Tim McGraw tribute artist, we knew we had found a truly impressive act. After the performance we encouraged Annika to make tribute her full time profession. Inspired by the vocal talent, beauty and grace of Faith Hill, Annika made the plunge into being a professional tribute artist, and now she rocks the stage at Legends in Concert.

Singing Faith’s solo songs, as well as teaming up with our Tim McGraw (Zack Parrish), her act will leave you inspired and pleased to have witnessed another magical performer.