Performed By: Dean Simmons

Combine talent, dedication and impeccable performance, and you have the recipe for how Dean Simmons recreates the music of Garth Brooks. Coming from a family of professionally performing musicians, Dean Simmons is a third generation country music singer. With early encouragement to engage in music, Simmons started playing at age 7, started his first band at 21, performed around the world, and has since gone on to create an entire business revolving around the reproduction of Garth Brooks music.

It was in 1992, after playing for American troops over seas with his own band, that he first started listening to Garth’s popular country music. Quickly gaining an appreciation for and learning Garth’s music, Dean regularly started hearing that his renditions of the famous country singer were spot on. Honing in his musical ear and studying countless clips of footage of Garth in concert, Dean took the encouragement to become a masterful Garth Brooks impersonator.

Now, he is able to emulate his mannerisms, the walk, the talk, and Garth’s irresistible onstage charisma. In 1996, Dean showed the team at Legends in Concert just how high his caliber of performance is, and has been playing for audiences in Vegas, and around the country, ever since. Now, you might see him performing at NBA halftime performances, at the Ms. Universe Pageant, or at the Milwaukee Summerfest, and, of course, at Legends in Concert. But, no matter where it is you catch his performance, Dean Simmons is bound to inspire, and make you wonder if it isn’t actually Garth Brooks performing himself.