Gwen Stefani
Performed By: Coty Alexander




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Coty Alexander comes from a performance family and was performing herself by the time she was five. She started her impersonating career when she was asked to play Shirley Temple on stage. Coty’s passion was dance and she grew up performing all over the nation in dance teams and also did runway modeling as a child. She started acting as a teenager and has appeared in many national commercials, infomercials, music videos, television, film and radio ads. Her career as a singer began when she and her older sister started a duet and won their place traveling throughout Japan and Korea for the U.S.O. When her sister, Ashley made her album Coty sang one of her song’s and soon after won the interest of an up and coming director and made her first music video. Coty is a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild, and E.Q.U.I.T.Y.. She dabbles in martial arts, poetry, choreography, writing, and photography. With all of this experience she found her niche performing live. “It’s my favorite role in the arts to play aside from sword fighting.” (Coty also did stunt fighting and marital arts playing Red Sonja in the Conan the Barbarian show at Universal Studios.)

Originally from Los Angeles, it’s no wonder that her career experience won her the role of portraying the world’s most eclectic performer….Madonna… in one of the most renowned impersonator cities in the world….Las Vegas. Coty’s success keeping one of the longest running job spots in an impersonator show, proves her ability to give a first-rate tribute to the diversity of Madonna’s career. When producers met Coty, they knew that impersonating Madonna would be second nature for her with her fiery dancing and sexy stage presence. Having the look, the ability to dance and the vocal quality to match the star is no easy task, but she was instantly transformed and put onto billboards and taxi cabs throughout the city and over time has accumulated about fourteen covers of Magazines for her tribute. Coty’s reputation of an “immaculate” portrayal has been distinguished by programs like The Carson Daly Show, Good Morning America, E! Entertainment, MTV, the Travel Channel, Discovery, Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles and New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. Her latest claim to fame is being in Madonna’s new movie. She spent three days with the producers of the documentary who followed her around for three days shooting the life of a professional Madonna impersonator in Las Vegas. Coty hasn’t stopped there though and has expanded into other character tributes to both Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani.

ShowBiz “The look and the voice are incredibly matched.”