Performed By: Karin Lawson

Although just a toddler at the time, Karin Lawson couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse of Sammy Davis Jr. or Donny Osmond when variety shows were a staple of television’s nightly schedule. If she were really lucky, she could catch an old Josephine Baker movie and dance around the living room with the legendary star. These are the people who inspired Karin to become an entertainer. She began her performance career at the tender age of 4 years old and hasn’t looked back since.

A native of Denver, Colorado, Karin began singing and dancing as a little girl and knew in her heart that show business was what she is meant to do in life. Studying theater arts and film at the University of Kansas, Karin was not only involved in dance and music but also the prestigious cheerleading squad at U of K. After graduating she became a featured member of the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleading Squad before moving on to pursue her dreams of performing on stage. Karin began working as a singer and a dancer on the Las Vegas strip almost immediately performing in shows such as “Splash” and “Legends In Concert”.

While performing as an ensemble member of “Legends In Concert” Karin, a highly motivated performer, began working on her imper