Performed By: Scott Jordan

When Scott hits the stage as Justin Timberlake, it’s easy to forget you’re at a performance of tribute artists, and easy to believe you’re hearing the real thing. With years of training and performance history under his belt, Scott takes the crowd on a roller coaster ride through Justin’s greatest songs.

He started with community theater at age four, began singing for the high school choir by fourteen, and continued studying theater at the University of Central Florida. Along the way, Scott earned highest honors and awards for the work he was producing (including the coveted Mr. UCF), and eventually started landing professional roles. Coming out of college, Scott appeared on MTV’s “Making the Band” and ended up touring Europe with boy band kingpin, Lou Pearlman, in the group 21.

After the bands break up, he toured Europe again with Chippendales. During this tour, Scott witnessed a performance by Justin himself, and realized that he could reproduce his act. Immediately after incorporating Justin’s songs into his performance with Chippendales, Scott started hearing that he sounded exactly like the superstar. Studying Justin’s moves with more attention, and adding costume, Scott was regularly being mistaken for Justin, and impressing audiences with his electric act. Since then, Scott’s continued to perform around the world, worked with Ellen Degeneres, and was even honored by being inducted into his high school’s hall of fame.

Drawing inspiration from all the classic artists–Garth Brooks, Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, Bell Biv Devoe, Elvis Presley, Ray Bolger, Ricky Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Journey, Billy Joel and Prince—Scott’s fantastic voice and stage presence have brought him a world of success. Now, we are honored and excited to present another world class act on the exciting Legends’ stage.