Kenny Rogers
Performed By: Mark Hinds

Mark Hinds has been performing a Tribute to Kenny Rogers for the past 20 years.

It all started in Gaylord Michigan in 1979 when given the opportunity to perform as Kenny Rogers at a ski resort would change his life forever. Mark has performed at numerous Moose, Elk and Eagles Lodges perfecting his act and gained much notoriety as the only Kenny Rogers tribute artist in the country.

Since joining Legends in Concert in 1981 Mark has traveled all over the world amazing audiences with his impression of the famed country singer. Mark has been on stage twice with Kenny including a gig at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville where he was a part of Charlie Chases’ Funny Business Show and was asked to embarrass Kenny on national T.V. It was highly successful as 4500 Rogers’ fans were stunned to see two of their favorite entertainers standing together side by side singing one of Kenny’s biggest hits “The Gambler.”