Louis Armstrong
Performed By: M.L. Jordan

A native of Columbus, OH, M.L. Jordan grew up in a home full of love and music. He even claims to have memories of lying in his crib listening to his mother’s love of jazz records. From an early age, Jordan began trying to imitate Louis Armstrong and planned to major in music in college. He is one of the rare individuals who is proficient in a number of instruments but does not read music because he is able to pick up and reproduce the melodies simply by listening to them.

In 1997, Jordan and his girlfriend went to a karaoke bar where he performed Louis Armstrong’s timeless classic “What a Wonderful World” for the first time in public. The reaction from the crowd was overwhelming! When Jordan heard about the talent contest show “Your Big Break,” it was his girlfriend who forced him to go to the audition. To his shock and delight, he not only made it onto the show, he beat out the other four contestants on the show and went on to win the semi-final competition as well. The finals are scheduled to air the weekend of May 20, 2000 and the winner will walk away with $25,000, a recording contract and a trio to Europe to compete in the international competition.

Oprah Winfrey was preparing a show on “Good News” and was looking for someone she could surprise from “Your Big Break.” Since one of Jordan’s dreams was to perform in Las Vegas’ longest running independently run shows Legends In Concert, auditions tapes were sent, details were negotiated and Legends In Concert accepted Jordan. He flew to Chicago to appear on “Oprah” thinking that the show’s topic was celebrity sound-alikes. But Jordan got the thrill of a lifetime when Oprah announced to him that he was going to fulfill his life-long dream of being a professional singer. The show aired February 21, 2000.

Currently, ML Jordan performs for Legends In Concert venues traveling to Las Vegas, Branson, Myrtle Beach and other destinations. His look, sound and subtle gestures have amazed audiences and Armstrong fans.