Performed By: Jackie Wiatrowski

Jackie was born just outside the great city of Philadelphia, where her family would watch her grow into stardom from a very early age. Jackie’s mother, an accomplished pianist, found herself singing Aretha Franklin’s melodic hit ‘RESPECT’ while carrying young Jackie…so it came as no surprise that Jackie would be born with the desire to sing with so much heart felt soul! As a 4 year old princess, Jackie loved putting on living room performances for her family; singing, dancing, acting, and even a little comedy to make her grandfather laugh. It wasn’t long before her family knew that Jackie was a little star in the making, and Jackie’s passion for the arts only became stronger once her mother enrolled her into dance and singing lessons to further express her inner art.

Jackie truly became an artist in her own right when she wrote her first song at the tender age of 15. Her inspiration for this particular song came behind a tragic story of an Amish School House shooting that brought tears to a nation. With her own money, young Jackie went into a professional recording studio and recorded the song she had written; that song would later be released and dedicated to all of the lives lost in the Amish shooting. The project was called “Forgive”, and it would go on to raise thousands of dollars. All of the money raised in these sales of Jackie’s first release, were donated to an Amish fund created to help pay for the medical needs of those who survived that tragic day. From that project forward, Jackie would continue to hone her writing and musical skills with one, very dear, goal in-mind; using her gifts to inspire people and make a difference.

Jackie has performed with Legends in Concert for the last several years, in a multitude of their venues and theaters around the world. She is beyond excited to portray Madonna, one of the most iconic female artists of all time. She has also been a powerhouse Headliner for shows like FANTASY right here on the Las Vegas Strip. Her prolific talents cover a wide span of creativity and dedicated training that have guided her to become the professional artist she is today. Not only is Jackie an accomplished singer/song writer, she is also a classically trained pianist. Her talents even include the production and technology side of the recording studio process, which have enabled Jackie to express herself even further in her musical creations, and having a Bachelor of Fine Arts doesn’t hurt. So whether it’s singing the National Anthem for 20,000 MLB fans, Headlining a Major Show on the Las Vegas Strip, or landing the cover on several major magazines, Jackie is always ready to strike a pose.