Marilyn Monroe
Performed By: Stacey Whitton Summers

Marilyn Monroe is an icon who has lasted throughout the decades, and Stacey Whitton Summers pays perfect tribute to this multi-generational star. Having worked since 1994 as a professional tribute artist, Stacey is one of Legend’s impeccable veterans. Where it all begins for Stacey, is at age five, harmonizing with her mother’s tunes. Throughout her adolescence Stacey developed her musical passions by ceaselessly playing classical saxophone, and continued her performance training as a major in theater and opera.

When Stacey realized her love for musical comedy, she naturally turned to Marilyn Monroe for inspiration. As she was learning to mimic Marilyn’s unforgettable facial expressions, Stacey simultaneously developed her ability to recreate Marilyn’s trademark voice and stage presence. Now, in between fabulous renditions of Marilyn Monroe songs, Stacey engages with the audience, improvising, relying on her years of training and practice to pull off an incredibly realistic Marilyn tribute.

With years of experience, Stacey has traveled around the world with her hand-made costumes and beautiful performances. She has played for U.S. troops, shared the stage with Dolly Parton, and earned a place as a finalist on ABC’s T.V. show “The Next Big Thing”. Aside from gracing the Legend’s audience with her renditions of Marilyn Monroe, Stacey also performs as Madonna, Shania Twain, Gretchen Wilson, and Martina McBride. She even had the opportunity to perform as Shania Twain, for Shania Twain! We’re lucky here at Legends in Concert to have a performer as versatile and experienced as Stacey, and while live performances can always have unseen complications—she handles every hurdle with grace and ease.