Martina McBride
Performed By: Kelly Church



Seasoned entertainer Kelly Church believes that performance is about evoking emotion. Due to her background and training in musical theatre, telling a story through song is her passion. She says, “If I can get an audience to identify with a lyric, or spark a personal memory based on an emotion I’m displaying, then I’m doing my job right.”

Kelly has performed professionally on a number of stages over the past 3 decades and has sung everything from gospel to country to classic rock. She frequently does commercial work, voice overs and print ads. “I love all creative outlets!” She says. “The transition into tribute artist feels like an opportunity to be creative, but with a very specific road map. You know where you need to go, but it’s left to you to interpret how to get there.”

“On numerous occasions after a show, I’ve been told that I look like Martina McBride. That is half the challenge of a tribute artist. My goal will always be to do her music justice, but also to portray Martina as the advocate she is for women, children, and the underdog.”