Nat King Cole
Performed By: Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan recreates the sweet vocal sound of the legendary Nat King Cole. Nolan began singing at a very early age and found himself in show business by accident while riding in the car with a friend. He started to sing the Christmas song “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.” His friend said to him “Now, that’s what you need to be doing.” Christopher said, “that sounds like a good idea.” Immediately he gathered up as much of Nat King Cole’s music as he could find. Within a week he landed his first gig at a state fair. Audiences were amazed at his stunning stage presence. Nolan captures the most avid Nat King Cole fans.

He continued to shape himself in a character, which wasn’t difficult, because he had been a smooth classy gentleman but adding to that he shaved his mustache, found a hair stylist to create that Nat King Cole look. Having sang in school and church choirs and receiving a best actor award in high school, he now found himself paying homage to one of the greatest performers of all times. His talent has carried him to Spain, Israel, Greece, France Australia and Italy as well as New York, Atlantic City, Branson and of course Las Vegas. There are too many other places to name. His demeanor leaves audiences in awe saying he is simply UNFORGETTABLE.