Legends in Concert John Anthony as Rod Stewart
Legends in Concert John Anthony as Rod Stewart
Legends in Concert John Anthony as Rod Stewart



Rod Stewart
Performed By: John Anthony

When John Anthony decided he wanted to be a musical performer, he gave it everything he had. Having been trained in saxophone and guitar, John knew since grade school that he wanted a life filled with music. While he drew his musical inspiration from the likes of the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and the band Chicago, it was watching his cousin’s band rehearse that ultimately gave him the impetus to go for it himself. By teaching himself to sing, combined with the fact that he looks exactly like Rod Steward, John soon found himself on the cover of Las Vegas magazines as one of the area’s best tribute artists.

Since 1997, John has charmed audiences for Legends in Concert time and time again. Working tirelessly, his success as a tribute artist has earned him accolades and recognition that any artist would be proud of. He’s endorsed by “Smiler”, the official Rod Stewart fan club magazine, he’s found widespread recognition on TV shows and in magazines, and he’s even won the Reel Award Contest for best Male Tribute Artist Performer. If that’s not enough to convince you he’s the real deal, there’s more. Michael Jackson, Mark Wahlberg, Chevy Chase, and Jody Foster have all seen him perform. Additionally, he’s performed alongside the late Tiny Tim, Air Supply, John Cafferty, The Beaver Brown Band, and many others. Constantly being stopped by fans telling him that he’s truly Rod Stewart, John Anthony’s performance will leave any Rod Stewart fan satisfied. Let this amazing artist show you what a tribute truly looks like!

Performing: May 27 - Dec 31 2022
Trop LV
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