Tom Jones
Performed By: Rob Prospect

Rob Prospect says, “The hardest thing I do as Tom Jones is keep my pelvis in motion for the full length of the show.” Believe me, the audience appreciates the extra effort and screams with appreciation right through his finale as the legendary Welshman. Rob’s recreation of Jones is on the mark in the award winning Legends in Concert.

A native New Yorker, Rob began performing when he was fifteen and studied his craft at the New York School of Theater and Voice. Although he is the first in his family to have a career in show business, he believes it is important to be a well-rounded performer. He is also an accomplished musician, playing both guitar and saxophone.

Rob had never compared himself to Tom Jones until encouraged by Legends Elton John tribute artist, “Even Stephen.” Stephen invited him to see his Legends in Concert performance at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas and encouraged him to audition. Rob thought it would be fun, challenging and different. He was right, he admits, “And, the rest is legendary.” Rob expresses his gratitude to Stephen and feels all performers should help each other. “No one person is right for every job.” As owner and president of New York booking agency Rob Prospect Music, he manages to help other performers guide their careers.

Rob admires Jones’ vocal ability, showmanship and charm. Since there are no lip synch artists in Legends in Concert, Rob is especially proud of being able to reproduce the Jones songs in their original keys. Rob carries off Jones’ vocal acrobatics with style. It’s easy to see why he cites his favorite quote as John Kennedy’s; “The definition of class is grace under pressure.”