Michael Jackson

Performed by:Damian Brantley


Michael Jackson

Performed by: Damian Brantley


Damian Brantley, has from a very young age always been inspired by the pop- recording star Michael Jackson. As a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Damian learned to play the piano at age eight from his father Junior Brantley, an artist in his own right touring with B.B. King.

Performing in the award-winning live tribute show Legends in Concert, Damian Brantley is a perfectionist taking two years to completely hone his talent before “wow-ing” audiences. The talent and hard work shows in his every performance.

Charming, outgoing and extremely friendly, hard work is not new to him. ” The most difficult thing wasn’t sounding like Jackson or dancing like him but it was doing both at the same time,” says Brantley. The physical demands of performing the re-creation of this legend sometimes leaves him with feeling exhausted and at the same time very gratified and full-filled.

Damian has a quality for life and music that many entertainers lack. Legends in Concert audiences laud his performance and comment on the feeling of excitement that he shares with everyone. It is “mutual admiration society,” because Damian loves his audience and works hard to make them feel every song he shares with them.